Marking todo's complete from query


when I use a query to return some todo items, is there any way I can tick the completion box to mark them as done directly from the query results? I notice some other apps works like this and it’s quite useful as you can do everything without jumping across various pages unnecessrily

Also noticed in 10.7 when you get the results back of a query that finds to-do’s it doesn’t show the actual tick box - just the '- [ ] ’ notation instead

Would it be worth adding this to the feature requests - looks like there’s no way to do it given the lack of response? :frowning:

Is the fact the search result returns a -[ ] rather than a proper check box deemed a bug?


I wouldn’t say the latter is a bug—it just hasn’t been implemented.

I’ve moved this to the feature requests section!

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I would really like to see this feature implemented - then I could better keep track of tasks across notes using a task-todo:"" and a task-done:"" section. :pray: