`MarkdownRenderer` does not have a proper document

the type definition here https://github.com/obsidianmd/obsidian-api/blob/master/obsidian.d.ts#L2230-L2245 says that MarkdownRenderer.renderMarkdown() is deprecated but the document MarkdownRenderer - Developer Documentation does not mention it nor it does have a document for render() method.

but the official api repository GitHub - obsidianmd/obsidian-api: Type definitions for the latest Obsidian API. says it accepts only API bug reports and not a document issue.

so where can I find a proper document and where should I report the document issue?

I agree with you; some parts of the document lack necessary explanations.

The top page of the developer documentation says:

So you can file an issue or send a PR to this repo:

Thanks for letting me know about obsidian-developer-docs! I will report it there.