Markdownload Plugin: Images not downloading to Obsidian

Hi, I am using Obsidian (latest version) on a Windows 11 PC using Firefox, and, and the Markdown extension. I really like how it works, but there is no way I can figure out how to get the images to download. Right now, if I use anything other than linking to the original source option, I get a message on the page in Obsidian that is similar to “” is not created yet. Click to create." I am using the “Send tab to Obisidian” option in the popup menu

Can someone help me to get this to work?

I am using the URI plugin
I have download images on,
I have enabled Obisidian integration
Download APIs is On
I have the I have the image file name prefix set to “{pageTitle}/” although I have no idea how this works in practice
I have tried most if not all combinations of Image Style and Image Reference style with no success


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