MarkDownload or copying of website excerpts together with graphics (not links)

I can’t seem to format MarkDownload in such a way that it also downloads images and graphics from the copied parts of the pages, not just links to them.
Maybe I’m still doing something wrong, or maybe it’s just not working. I have of course installed “Advanced Obsidian URI”.

Obsidian Web Clipper doesn’t download images either.

Is there any other way to add page excerpts together with their graphic content?

I believe Local Images and Local Images Plus plugins are recommended after using either of those methods.
I don’t think Advanced URI is helpful here…?

I am not sure how capable Local Images/Local Images Plus plugins are with pics with relative URL paths and embedded queries. So I’m guessing some 30-40 percent of pics will be difficult to download locally unless you know some Python.
As I said, I never used the Obsidian plugins I mentioned.


GitHub - DominikPieper/obsidian-ReadItLater Does a good job downloading pages

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Maybe I’m extremely limited, but all I’ve managed to get with this plugin as well is to add text from copied pages to Obsidian.
“Download image” and “Download image to note folder” I have of course set up.

Can you suggest how this plugin should be configured to also add images?

Thank you !!!
“Local Images” works phenomenally.


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