Markdown Todoist - Utility to Migrate Markdown Tasks to Todoist

Hi Notekeepers!

I’ve written a utility for my own benefit that I think others might be interested in too so wanted to mention it here. It’s a Standalone utility that sits outside of Obsidian (and will therefore work with any arbitrary pile of markdown files)

The problem statement I’m trying to solve for is:
“I want to keep my notes in Obsidian, and my To-do’s in Todoist. When I make a to-do item in markdown syntax, I want it to show up in Todoist automatically”.

Based on googling and searching this forum, I don’t believe I’ve reinvented the wheel. It will be up to the user to implement automation (or not), which can be achieved easily enough with cron or Windows Task Scheduler

I’ve put the code up on GitHub and made a Demo Video.

It works on my computer (famous last words) but I haven’t tested it on Windows or intentionally tried to break it. If you’re interested, please take a look. Happy to try to help answer any questions as I’m able to (I have a day job) and pull requests are welcome.

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