Markdown Table Prettifier

The benefit of working with tables is their tabular structure. This allows you to visually compare data among rows. However, in editor mode, the table rows are not visually aligned, erasing a huge benefit of tables. Manually spacing out tables is untenable as a table grows in size.

I propose adding a markdown table prettifier that will create that pretty visual table in editor mode, just like this plugin for VSCode Markdown Table Prettifier - Visual Studio Marketplace.


I know vim has a few markdown plugins too, and one of them does the same, as you typed it aligns all | correctly so that the table is always readable in editor mode.

And I second this, it would be great (I don’t use tables so often but when I do, it’s a bit painful)

I just created an account to help bumping this point. This would be huge IMO. I use a lot of tables and being able to just press two buttons and have them “prettified” would be a fantastic feature. Even iA Writer has that!

There’s another thread that I think is the same concept - Table Editor - echo the point that this would be a very useful feature.

This is indeed very useful. Formatting tables in Obsidian is currently a little bit painful.

Just got the groundwork of this plugin in place. Already usable for a few basic features. More to come soon!


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