Markdown Table Editor problem

Markdown Table Editor seems to have stopped working, at least on my iPad (I’m away from my Mac for a while so I can’t test it there). I go to Editing mode, place the cursor in the table, pull down the Command Palette, and choose Open Editor (Below the Active View) and a new tab opens, but it’s blank. Opening it next to the active view is the same. Has anyone else had this problem or know a fix?

Nothing related shows up in a search of Help topics.

Edit: I had a brainwave and deleted the entire Properties section of the note and it now works. It’s going to take a while for all the plugin devs to catch up.

Using an alternate display mode for properties might help without making you delete anything Properties - Obsidian Help

I just tried it and either the Markdown Table Editor plugin has started working again, or toggling each display mode has changed something. It now seems to work OK. Thanks for your suggestion.

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