Markdown render wrong place in edit mode within wikilink and bold

Steps to reproduce

copy this to note:

  • 这是**[[一个]]**测试

Expected result

The part “一个” should be bolded in edit mode, and the part “测试” should’t be bolded.

Actual result

The part “测试” is bolded in edit mode, while the part “一个” isn’t bolded. Meanwhile, it works rightly in preview mode.

Pasted image 20210711012822


  • Operating system: windows 10

  • Obsidian version: 0.12.5

Additional information

This problem only happens in chinese like input, so I can fix it by adding space, just like this:

  • 这是 **[[一个]]** 测试 → It’s ok

And if I don’t use wikilink, nor the problem appear

  • 这是**一个**测试 → It’s ok

I have closed all third-party plugins and used default css.

I hope I express problem clearly, thanks for your help.

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