Markdown prettifier plugin removes backslashes in aliases

I have been using this plugin for a while to a certain extend of satisfaction.
Then I applied it to a note with tables in it. Some of the table cells have internal links with aliases in them. Like this |[[note-name|alias]]|. After applying the plugin the back-slash before the alias ‘|alias’ disappears and then the link is broken.
Is there a solution to avoid this?

Hello @enZ-oN It seems you found a bug. Or at perhaps something the plugin needs to ignore. I’ll look at it next week I think.

Perhaps we could have a plugin specialized in headers and footers. (I did a mistake adding this functionality to the prettifier).

I would call it ‘special matters’, to deal with front-matters and back-matters :smiley:

There is also other one plugin that put links at the bottom right?

Hi Cristian,
I have been out for a while and missed your response. Sorry about that.
I haven’t seen any change yet.
But now I see the example, |[[note-name|alias]]|, which I provided is not completely correct.
It should be: |[[note-name\|alias]]|. After applying the plugin the backslash before |alias]]| disappears.

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