Markdown link [titles](not only URLs) should be clickable in edit mode

Since the title of a link (not the URL) is the part which, in Preview mode, is (visible and) clickable, it stands to reason that the same part should also be clickable* in Edit mode.

* via Ctrl+click, Ctrl+Shift+click, and/or whatever other shortcuts may be available in the future.

(This feature request applies to links in the standard Markdown format, [title](URL), or less commonly, [title](internal location). Links in the double-bracket Obsidian/wiki-style, [[title]] or [[Page Name|link title]], are already fully clickable in Edit mode.)


This has been finally implemented in Obsidian v0.13.6. Thanks :slight_smile:

Implemented Ctrl/Cmd+Click on markdown links.

It is mentioned under Live preview improvements but it works in legacy editor too. (tested in v0.13.14)

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