Markdown format importer doesn't convert utf-8 tag

I’m using v0.13.19

I use Markdown format importer.
But, not ascii tag(utf-8?), doesn’t convert to tag style. (like this #買い物予定 → [[買い物予定]])

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Markdown importer
  2. Enable Roam Research tag fixer
  3. push Start Conversion

Expected result

from: #買い物予定 #book #2ch #sf
to: [[買い物予定]] [[book]] [[2ch]] [[sf]]

Actual result

#買い物予定 [[book]] [[2ch]] [[sf]]


macOS 11.6.2 Big Sur (Intel)
Obsidian v0.13.19

Will be fixed in 0.13.20

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