Markdown for phonetic characters

for example: Target Words(Phonetic Characters)

1. Use case

Japanese character has three types.

  • Kanji tells a meaning.
  • Hiragana/Katakaan tells a pronunanciation.

normal use case:

  • the ‘phonetic characters’ shows the pronunciation.

extended use case

  • the ‘phonetic characters’ shows the other meaning in a story. it supports a reader to understand the story.
    • a stupid dogso cute dog

2. Proposed solution

for example:

  • <Target Words|Phonetic Characters>
  • <[[wiki notation]]|Phonetic Characters>
  • <[[wiki notation#header]]|Phonetic Characters>
  • <[[wiki notation#^blockid]]|Phonetic Characters>
  • <[note](|Phonetic Characters>
    note: there is no standard notation about this.

3. Current workaround (optional)

use <ruby> tag:
<ruby><rb>Target Words</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>Phonetic Characters<rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>


There seems to be a library made for CommonMark that uses this syntax:
I think this is pretty cool, and I would also very like to see it implemented.

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