Markdown for creating checkbox inside a table

Use case or problem

I am able to draw checkbox in a plain note following these instructions from [ Markdown for Checkbox requires 6 keystrokes. Reduce it to 2?:

To create a checkbox in Obsidian’s markdown, the current implementation requires 6 keystrokes (correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe all 6 are necessary):

  1. Dash
  2. Space
  3. Open bracket
  4. Space
  5. Close bracket
  6. Space
Output Formatting
format-1 output-1

I am creating a table and I would like to check off something once I’m done with it to signify it’s complete like below:


The problem is that:

  1. You cannot use the same process to create a checkbox that has text with it in the same line
  2. You cannot create a checkbox that doesn’t have text before or after it while in a single cell in a table.

Proposed solution

Making it easy to find in the documentation of how to add a checkbox in a table or checkbox that has text before or after it.

Current workaround

I’ve experimented on a couple of solutions from Stack overflow but this response one seems to work best:

Output Formatting

Pasting this when you want to have an enabled checkbox.

<input type="checkbox" />

Related feature requests

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Is it possible to make the workaround persistent? At the moment, if you leave the note all the checkboxes get reset.

This is not working anymore with the new versions, any solution?

The only way I could get the workaround persistent was to manually type checked in the tag. Example below:

Unchecked: <input type="checkbox" />
Checked: <input type="checkbox" checked/>