Markdown for creating checkbox inside a table

Use case or problem

I am able to draw checkbox in a plain note following these instructions from [ Markdown for Checkbox requires 6 keystrokes. Reduce it to 2?:

To create a checkbox in Obsidian’s markdown, the current implementation requires 6 keystrokes (correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe all 6 are necessary):

  1. Dash
  2. Space
  3. Open bracket
  4. Space
  5. Close bracket
  6. Space
Output Formatting
format-1 output-1

I am creating a table and I would like to check off something once I’m done with it to signify it’s complete like below:


The problem is that:

  1. You cannot use the same process to create a checkbox that has text with it in the same line
  2. You cannot create a checkbox that doesn’t have text before or after it while in a single cell in a table.

Proposed solution

Making it easy to find in the documentation of how to add a checkbox in a table or checkbox that has text before or after it.

Current workaround

I’ve experimented on a couple of solutions from Stack overflow but this response one seems to work best:

Output Formatting

Pasting this when you want to have an enabled checkbox.

<input type="checkbox" />

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