Mark release as breaking

I am going to have to do a breaking change on a plugin soon and I am playing around with what the best way of informing my users would be.

I think it would be really neat if as part of the versions document it was possible to add additional information:

  "0.5.0": {
    "obsidianMinVersion": "0.13.16",
    "breaking": true,
    "breakingUrl": ""
  "0.4.1": "0.13.16",
  "0.4.0": "0.13.16",
  "0.3.0": "0.13.16",
  "0.2.23": "0.13.16",

This would be presented to the user in the following way:

  1. Does not get updated using update all
  2. A button next to update takes you to the breakingUrl so you can read up on how to best go forward
  3. Pressing update presents a modal that the user must press “ok, I understand that this is a breaking change”
  4. Row with plugin is highlighted to make it stand out visually (since update all no longer updates this, it will be handy to have it highlighted)
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