Map View Plugin suddenly broken

Hello community,
since a few months I have a problem that I am procrastinating on. For months, I used Map View Community Plugin to do something like location related project management. Each facility hat a top note, and it’s geolocation is written in the YAML front matter as location: XX, YY with absolutely no issues, I had dozen of the notes on the Map View - working like a charm.

Then suddenly, boom - all markers gone, no location or note is displayed any more. I tweaked around with all the settings, no change. The notes are still there, it’s not a sync issue, there is also no filter preventing the display, as to my understanding. Following active note isn’t activated either. And activating it makes no change.

But what’s weirder : When I edit the coordinates of one of the notes that has a location in the front matter (as deleting a number, changing a number of the coordinates) and I open Map View, the marker of only exactly this note is suddenly on the map.

As soon as I opened another note, and switched back to Map View, the marker disappeared yet again, leaving a blanc map. It’s very odd and I have no idea how to approach troubleshooting here…

If anyone has a hint of an idea, please help - I really miss this plugin :frowning:

Mine is working just fine. Are you using interactive Map View, or is your map embedded in a note? How are you filtering (if at all)? One thing that comes to mind based on my personal experience is that if I have an embedded map that filters on notes “linkedfrom” the current note, changing the current note name will break the filter.

I’m using the interactive Map View from the sidebar, no filters applied.

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