Map copy to ctrl-shift-c, keep vim default ctrl-c

Trying to get C-c to map to vim default, C-C to map to system copy.

Things I have tried

I’ve read a post stack overflow that Ctrl-Shift-key is pronounced:

So I added these lines to my .obsidian.vimrc:

 17 " Yank to system clipboard, set ctrl-shift c to copy
 18 " set clipboard=unnamed
 19 nmap <CS-c> yank
 20 " nmap <C-S-c> yank                     

I have tried uncommenting and recommenting these lines in all permutations thereof, and have observed that the both the latter keybind appear to be unfunctional in all cases.

This also may imply that “yank” is not the correct name.
Further experiments, binding nmap <C-t> yank, substantiate this, as C-t does not in fact yank, but move cursor up a line.

Is there something else I should try?

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