Mangled FrontMatter in new release?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to open some existing files after the upgrade, but it looks like Properties has mangled things from FrontMatter.

When I search (Cmd-O) for a word, I get a list of mashups of parts of two different file names (eg “end of one filename]][[beginning of another file name” with many variations, most of which seem empty).

(I don’t see how to attach a screen shot.)

Things I have tried

I’ve checked my Vault, and it looks like only two of these many new files exist. So maybe things aren’t as crazy as they seem. But I’m a little freaked out, and afraid of data loss.

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Here’s the screenshot. Note the “]] [[” in the middle of some of these items.

It also seems that several daily journals from this week (9/1, 9/2, 9/3, 9/4) AND the previous week (8/25-31) have disappeared. No sign of them in my vault. I expect I can retrieve those from backup…but who knows what other files might be missing!

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Or have any sense of what’s going on?

I’ve just had this happen too! My first day back to Obsidian since the new release. I believe if you change the property type from ‘Text’ to ‘List’ you should be able to have two separately linked files.
Hope this helps!

Change property type where? In the search? (I don’t see how to do that.)

But maybe never mind. Everything has somehow sorted itselff out…as mysteriously as it messed up.

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