Managing PKM and building in public

Here’s the situation:

I use my personal second brain to store notes on topics.
I’m working on a project that is currently stored in my second brain as well (using the PARA method), but I want to publish it to build in public. In addition, I want to allow other people to contribute to it.

So this would make sense as a new vault and publish on github/other method, but the main problem there is that I can’t link my notes between the two. To boil it down, the problem is that my output goes to a different location from my notes, so I don’t benefit as much from the second brain. I wouldn’t be opposed to publishing my second brain as well, although I’ll need to modify it so that I don’t publish any confidential information. Still, that would make linking between the two cumbersome, but not impossible.

I’m sure many people have experienced this kind of problem before with the disconnect between their work for a company and their pkm.

If anyone has a good solution for this, please let me know, it’ll help me out a ton!

If you use Obsidian Publish, you can define which files are published and which ones are not while keeping everything in the same vault and connected locally for you to benefit the most out of it. If you use another PKM app (e.g. Logseq), you can use a service such as SamePage and keep only the files you want published in sync with that platform and publish from there. Both Obsidian and Logseq have open-source publishing options, not sure which ones will allow you to choose which files to publish or not. Some might based on YAML values.

Thanks, so do you think I should just publish both the project I’m working on and my pkm, and link to my pkm website? My understanding is that besides configuring which pages I want to publish, I’ll also need to manually insert the links instead of using the Obsidian linking format [[]] which makes it quite a lot slower.

If you are okay with publishing all your notes, or at least all the one that are connected, then I’d suggest you publish everything in the same place. That way, you don’t need to link anywhere outside of that space. If you can self contain your project by linking between the files that comprise it, then go for that. There will probably be a few links here and there that go to files you didn’t publish. In my experience, as long as you communicate that to the reader upfront, it should be no problem.

You can nest an inner vault that is published and the outer vault contain private notes. The inner vault can’t link to outer vault which is a feature because you don’t want people opening links to your private notes.

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