Managing hugo blog entries in Obsidian

I made a post on how I did it if you are interested.

Managing hugo blog entries in Obsidian | Sytone’s Ramblings

My less automated workflow in Linux for hugo involves

  1. Have a separate subfolder for articles.
  2. Using Templater plugin to add blog template automatically to all files in that folder
  3. Rsync to hugo contents folder, build and push with shellcommand plugin

The power shell script in the article should work on Linux as well.

Being able to work on an article anywhere is handy, I just run the script when I am next on my desktop to publish.

My initial idea is to write a script (most probably in go) to iterate over all entries
of obsidian vault, pick the entires with specific meta (like draft: false) then copy
over those entires to hugo repo and restart the hugo (or caddy) server.

Thought about that but having them in a separate folder ended up being cleaner.