Manage and review course/tutorial knowledge

Hi, I’m new here on the forum and new as a user of Obsidian and I’m struggling with what choice to make for my courses/tutorial notes.

Currently, I’m using this approach, I create a single note for all the contents of the topic I’m working on and at the review stage, I split it into smaller notes for every paragraph and use a MOC/Index note to have a base to link every note.

for example:
I followed a tutorial for a python tool called “Locust” and I created some notes such as “locust_configuration”, “locust_userclass”, “locust_httpuserclass” and the MOC, which links every one of them.

I defined this method because in the forum and other posts that are suggested using “Atomic notes” and “evergreen notes” but I don’t know if this is really a good long term solution because:

  • I would like to export my finished work about a specific topic and I didn’t find a tool to do this with linked notes (I tried pandoc export)
  • I am currently using the graph view to study the concept I wrote, in order to see every paragraph title and repeat mentally its concepts. But I found that the “mind map plugin” can work in a similar way with a single file and its paragraphs
  • I thought that in this way a can link the notes in a more efficient way( If I have to link “[[locust_httpuserclass ]]” I can link directly to this note) but I think that linking the note and its relative paragraph ([[locust#httpuserclass]] should work as good.

I hope I explain correctly my ideas
I would like to know your suggestion or approach to this particular problem
Thank you