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Adding top links

Hi! I’m trying to insert a top link in each of my notes, just as Nick Milo did in the LYT Kit (see screenshot, at the very top of the note). By “top link,” I mean a link to a note that is on a higher level (more general).

The syntax he used is up::[[title of more general note]]. However, this doesn’t work for me: I cannot type above the headings of my notes. Are there any plugins I should install?

Thanks already for your help!

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 13.14.11

I think those LYT screenshots were taken before there was an “inline title”. The inline title is the name of your note/file, and not actually part of the note body. You can turn this off in Settings > Appearance > Advanced → Show inline title if you want.

If you turn on Settings > Editor > Show line numbers, you’ll see where line 1 of your note is:

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