Making Obsidian able to manage (not render!) TeX files (any txt file, more in general)

Hi everyone!

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My request is… the title of this post.

Use case or problem

It would be insanely great, for me, to be able to use all the Obsidian superpowers in linking-backlinking-etc on .tex files. I don’t need Obsidian to be able to typeset (render) them. I would do that in my usual way.

Actual workaround

If I change filename.tex into, Obsidian does what I need. (Of course, not being able to typeset/render it correctly, but I don’t care this!)

I’m really looking forward to hearing good news on this!
Please, please, please… :wink:

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Hey, I am a heavy .tex user and my initial reaction is that this would be really cool.

However, I don’t see the direct use of this and I am genuinely interested if you’ve thought of some cool use cases? How would you go around markdown formatting when you actually go to a different software to render the .tex files? Markdown syntax will break in latex.

Glad you’re interested, Boris!

If this were possible, ops when this will be possible ;-), I’ll be able to create a wiki of all my (huge collection) of .tex files. All I have to do (still work in progress, though, because this idea just arose half an hour ago…) is to make a LaTeX package that manage [[Links|links]] as if they were \href (from the hyperref package)!

Makes this sense to you?

I think this thread is relevant

Indicates prospects for Obsidian expanding from just .md aren’t good.

Yes Dor, I see. And I’m quite sad about that… :-((

Thanks for your clue.