Making Link with "?" at end doesnt lead anywhere

Steps to reproduce

Create new note with a new link
for Example with [[How to Build a Spaceship?]]
In the Preview this link will not lead anywhere and stay on the page although it looks like a correct link

If the link is altered to [[How to Build a Spaceship]] the link suddenly leads to the newly created page

Expected result

I expect a link which looks like a link to actually lead to a new page or an existing page

Actual result

The link, which looked like a correct link, did not lead anywhere


  • Operating system: macOs Catalina 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.62
  • Using custom CSS: no

Because of filesystem restrictions, you can’t have “?” in a filename and all note titles are essentially filenames, but this brings up a good point, which is the link auto-complete is not giving you a warning about illegal characters like the note title does. I am going to file that as a feature request.

this also applies to other file system restrictions such as having : in filenames

Oh, I understand. Now that I think about it it makes sense. My only thinking was that some people might reference topics to a question rather pure topics.

But at least flagging issues with characters should be enough to not be confused

Thank you

Possible solution: Obsidian could create percent-encoded filename, like url.
“How to Build a” or “” or “” or …
Then all search/linking/… functionality would need to encode/decode as needed, in order to allow use of “How to Build a Spaceship?” within file content and perhaps displaying it in file explorer.
This would be probably a feature request.

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I think that’s a great feature request!