Making an image appear in a note?

Hey guys - I’ve done a bunch of googling and reading this forum, and now I’m wondering if I’ve got the wrong idea about the program - my question is, are you able to paste images into this note program, or not?

On the website and in the help documentation you’ve got the Englebart picture, but no matter what I try I can’t get an image to show, only text.

I’ve got an image as an “attachment”
I’ve tried copy pasting directly
I’ve tried dragging in
I’ve tried a bunch of different codes like “’![[image.png]]’” or “’[(Attachments/image.png)’” etc
I’ve tried CTRL-F5ing throughout this whole process

Can’t get anything to show except text!

Could someone give me the layman’s step by step for getting an image showing in these notes?

Try Ctrl+E

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I’m also having trouble getting images to post. I’ve tried all the ways listed for typing it out in the tutorial as well as drag & drop. Originally, the file was a .jpg. I also tried switching to .png. The only thing that worked was creating a link to it but nothing seems to embed. I’m using version 8.4. Here’s the image of the error which is displayed. Thanks for any insight.

Just as an update, the 0.8.5 update fixed this and the images appear. Thanks guys!

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