Making alphanumeric note titles more sortable?

One of the ways I’m using Obsidian is to digitally back up some analogue notes I take. These notes are stored on note cards and I provide them with alphanumeric indexes depending on their relations to one another. For instance, the first note in a sequence may be 1, then 1a, 1b, 1b1, 1b2, and so on.
My problem is that due to the sorting being done via text, the sequence of my note orders can become messed up. For instance, if I sort A->Z then the notes will go, 1,1a,11,11a,11a1, and so on. For a low number of notes, the problem is fixable by changing 1 to be 01. But once I hit notes greater than 100, the problem returns. For instance, 11,111,111a, etc.
Does anyone have ideas on how to get around this, without me having to re-title all of my notes or come up with a new indexing system altogether.