Making a reseach about a product so i can start a business with a friend (commercial license)

I want to start a business with a friend, and i used obsidian to make a research about the product that we are going to make. That’s mean everything i read about the product i put it on the canvas on obsidain, and i am planning to start the business later, so now nothing is offical.

Now in our case, should we buy the commercial license? yesterday i told my friend about obsidian, we tried to transfer the canvas from my laptop to his ipad through google drive.

we just started several days ago. If we should buy the license please tell me so i leave to another app.

This could help you I think :blush: : Commercial license - Obsidian Help

Although, if you still have doubts after reading the whole page, I guess you could contact directly, by email, Obsidian’s Support :smile:

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blackmailing?? WOW
it’s not about how much, it’s about I don’t want any obligations like paying monthly or yearly.

I decided to leave, have a nice day :rose:

You don’t need a commercial license until you actually start the business.

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