Making a dataview list based on properties

I’m trying to sort my notes and create a list of notes based on a property. I have just finished my first semester of uni and want to make a list

For each note I have created a new property called “uni subject” and then in the field next to that I have put my classes e.g. “grad dip psychology rmda”. I want to be able to create a dataview list that shows me just notes with the property that matches the class name so I can quickly differentiate between my different classes.

Things I have tried

I have then made a new note typed the three ticks then
FROM “Psych degree/2 Research Methods Design and Analysis”
where uni subject = “grad dip psychology rmda”

I have watched countless videos and can see other people have similar issues but they are mainly around how to use tags not property views. I’m really new to obsidian (this is my first semester) and I’m really stuck

Are you sure of your syntaxe ?
Did you put this on correctly ?

FROM "Psych degree/2 Research Methods Design and Analysis"
WHERE uni subject = "grad dip psychology rmda"

Normally, this should work. If not, what error message is displayed instead of the dataview block in read mode ?

I think the issue you’re facing is related to the space you’ve got in your field name. This is perfectly legal as a property name, but you need to take some extra steps within a Dataview query. See field names.

Legal ways of referring to your field would be row["uni subject"] or uni_subject.

Bonus tip: How to present code properly in a forum post

If you want to showcase either markdown, or code blocks, or dataview queries properly in a forum post, be sure to add one line before and one life after what you want to present with four backticks, ````. This will ensure that any other backticks (like in code blocks or queries) is properly shown.

Update: Corrected typo in uni_subject.

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I really appreciate your input.
I needed a dash instead of a space, and for some reason, I didn’t pick up on this fact till you explained.
thankyou very very much.

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