Make the search UI more visible (like Quick Switcher)

Use case or problem

Based on my experience, the “search” feature is one of the more frequently used features of Obsidian (and other note taking apps). Currently, the search box is located in the sidebar, but I believe that it could use some more visibility.

Proposed solution

I propose that it be relocated (or at least optionally and user-defined in the settings) to the main window, similar to the Quick Switcher.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not to imply that Obsidian should be a copy of Joplin, but this is how it’s done in Joplin and I think it’s more “natural” for the search box to appear right in the middle of the main window. That being said, that’s my opinion, and I understand if that’s not how the developers/other users think.

I’d really appreciate it if you could comment what you think of this proposal.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for creating this amazing app.



Commander allows users to place commands where they want them.

Thank you for your suggestion. I just installed the plugin, but I don’t think it can do what I want. As far as I can tell, the plugin allows you to add a “handle” for a given command in any location, BUT, once you click on the handle, it’ll redirect you to the default location of that particular command. For example, for the “Search” window, it still opens up in the left sidebar. What I meant was to “relocate” the “Search” window entirely so that it appears right in the middle of the page, exactly like the “Quick Switcher” window.