Make properties view collapsible in note?

Can someone point me to a snippet/plugin that makes it possible to collapse the whole properties/frontmatter block within the editor?

Before properties it was possible to collapse the whole frontmatter block.

I know about the three options visible/hidden/source but looking for a way to have it collapsed by default and show it when necessary.

It’s still possible to collapse it. There should be a > next to the Properties heading to collapse it.

Or are you asking for it to be collapsed by default? Your post title and content are slightly different.

Thanks, that icon is missing for me. I have to check out if this is a theme or snippet related issue with my setup.

Collapsed by default would be a plus but I think that will be doable with a snippet.

EDIT: Found it. When using the Minimal theme there is a new option under Style Settings > Minimal > Properties > Hide properties heading which is enabled by default. It hides the heading together with the collapse arrow >.

Got it. We can change the post title later if need be.

Minimal had the Properties label and collapse icon hidden for a few versions but reverted to it being shown. If you are using Minimal, update it, and have a look in the Minimal Style Settings options; there are a few toggles for Properties.

If not Minimal… I dunno :smiling_face:

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