Make plugin folder names started with "obsidian-" followed by the plugin ID

It makes it harder to look for specific plugin folders when looking through the list, this would be a nice qol improvement.

You did not fill the feature request template.
I am guessing that your actual problem is that some plugin folders start with obsidian- and some others don’t?

A few months ago, we started enforcing that plugin id’s (and thus the folders) for newly submitted do not start with obsidian, because that made the folder harder to visually parse.
We will not undo that decision.
Some old plugins will still have obisidian- at the start, if the plugin author decided to add it.
Migrating away from using that naming is not easy, which is why it did not happen. (and won’t for the foreseeable future)

The better feature request would be to remove obsidian- from the start of the folder name if it exists.
Adding obsidian- to the folder name everywhere is just redundant.

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