Make optional - Turn on/off paste that converts HTML content to Markdown links

Thank you! I think I figured it out and maybe this needs more visibility. I had the third-party plugin “Paste into URL” installed which makes the Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V the default shortcut

I went into the setting and changed the default for that plugin to something else.

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I personally would like to reverse the behavior of Ctrl+V / Ctrl+Shift+V myself. Several people have pointed out that the current behavior is the default, but that isn’t quite correct in my experience.

The current behavior is the default for rich text editors – for code editors, the reverse is usually the case. Ctrl+V pastes in the text you have, and Ctrl+V pastes in HTML.

As a coder using Obsidian as a knowledgebase, I love being able to write things in Markdown. I don’t use the Live Preview mode, so while I’d like to retain the option to paste with HTML, I certainly don’t want it as my default. Currently, I paste with Ctrl+V, undo with Ctrl+Z, and paste again with Ctrl+Shift+V. I’ve tried disabling the setting, but I also like to paste quotes with links sometimes, and I have no access to paste the HTML (as far as I know) with that option disabled.

I’d also like to add that the option need not be changed, but a custom (empty by default?) hotkey action could be added, e.g. “Paste - Auto-convert HTML” that the user can bind to whatever they like.

Hope my input here helps.

P.S. I have tried using the above plugin, but it seems to remove my ability to paste over things to purposefully overwrite them. I want Ctrl+V to be standard paste, and would like any other functionality to require modifier keys.

We are gonna stick with this default. Feel free to write a plugin to alter the behavior.