Make one Dataview column's font larger?

Is there a way to make one column in a Dataview table larger?

I’ve started learning Japanese and with the Furigana plugin some explanatory characters can get written over the more complicated ones. The downside is that it’s usually pretty small and difficult to read.

So is there a way to make that entire column larger as far as font goes?


I can think of two different solutions to your problem. The first one to make a CSS snippet which causes the n’th column to have a greater font. This should be doable using a combination of selectors targeting the dataview table and/or a dedicated cssClass used in notes where you’ve got these tables. However, this solution will affect all dataview tables on that page.

The other solution is to include some marker into your table/column, which can be used as a CSS selector and then change the font accordingly.

Are you (or someone else :slight_smile: ) able to figure out the actual CSS code based upon this information?

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Nice, thanks for the advice! Through really just a little experimentation, I figured out that this will do what I wanted:

.markdown-rendered tbody tr > td:first-child {
    border-left-width: var(--table-column-first-border-width);
    font-size: 30px;


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