Make Obsidian available in Files on iOS

Use case or problem

DevonThink, Dropbox, and other applications make their contents available to other apps via Files on iOS. I’d like Obsidian to join their ranks so that I can access what’s inside it directly while in other applications (Documents by Reedle comes to mind). It’s my hope that this will allow for greater automation and interoperability between apps on iOS and iPad without forcing me to store my Obsidian vault in iCloud Drive.

Proposed solution

Make Obsidian available to other applications in the same way Dropbox and Devonthink are.

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I think if Obsidian allowed a plugin to create this feature, I would be okay with it. But personally, I would prefer this not be implemented, just for privacy purposes. People who know much more than me will probably agree with you that it is fine, but I think some people who wouldn’t be using this feature anyways might prefer things stay how they are. In fact, I didn’t know other apps couldn’t access the Obsidian folder in a way that is commonplace for other Obsidian like apps. I was happy to hear this.

Still, I hope something gets implemented that you are able to accomplish this. Good luck.


Isn’t that already implemented?
I can find the vault folder under the local files in the obsidian folder.
Otherwise working copy wouldn’t work with obsidian.
I just checked, I can edit my files in iawriter without having the vault stored in icloud.

What isn’t yet implemented is the file picker, meaning that obsidian can’t choose a folder anywhere.