Make iOS app available on MacOS

Use case or problem

The iOS version of Obsidian was initially available in the App Store on M1 Macs, but later it disappeared (when Apple made it opt-in instead of opt-out, I assume). I understand that the mobile version is not optimized for desktop use, but it worked perfectly fine for my needs, personally. I’d much prefer it over the Electron app.

Proposed solution

Opt-in to make the iOS app available on MacOS again.

The app wa intentionally removed because the two versions have differences and we were receiving bug reports from user who didn’t understand the were actually using the mobile version.

Thanks for your reply, @WhiteNoise. People… that’s why we can’t have nice things. :sweat_smile: Do you know if there are any plans to bring it back at some point?

What actual problem would this solve, besides being able to tell people that you’re not using Electron under the hood?

Thanks for chiming in, @orand. I have no such intention, I don’t know where that assumption is coming from. I think the disadvantages of Electron are well known, a major one being resource usage. I have an M1 MBA with the lowest specs (8 GB of memory), and as almost every app is Electron based nowadays, I’m always eager to find ways to avoid it (as much as possible). I’d sideload Obsidian but that’s not an option anymore unfortunately.

I ignored Obsidian because of Electron until a review convinced me to try it. It is by far the fastest and nicest Electron app I’ve ever used. It performs better than some of the native apps I have installed. And on an M1 you should have nothing to worry about.

And I don’t know if the cross-platform thing they’re using for mobile is any more efficient than Electron.

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Agreed. In this case it comes down to Chromium vs. WebKit, not Chromium vs. native app.