Make footlinks

There have been a plugin can make footlink but now stop maintaining. I found a way to do samething using these below:

  • Plugin Shell commands
  • Cmd tools mdtools

Install Shell commands

  1. Open Obsidian
  2. Settings → Communiti Plugins → Browser
  3. Search shell command and install it

Install mdtools

  1. Download mdtools
  2. Expand to some directory (e.g. C:/program/bin/), add the directory to variable of PATH of environment if it is not in.

Configure Shell commands

1] Open Obsidian

2] Click “Shell commands” under “PLUGIN OPTIONS” in Settings.

3] Click “New command” to add a command:

mdtools make-footlink --path "{{file_path:absolute}}"

4] Click icon of “Alias, Confirmation” on right side of command just been added

5] Modify “Alias” to “footlinks”

5] Switch to “Event” tab, scroll to bottom and open “Editor menu”

Make footlinks

Open a note and click right button of mouse, you will see a menu item:

Here I drawed a image for better understanding but I not sure it can be opened.

Hope this can help you.

Good luck :slight_smile:

You dont need to add path to variable of PATH, intead directly spcieify full path to command:

mdtools make-footlink --path "{{file_path:absolute}}"

C:/program/bin/mdtools make-footlink --path "{{file_path:absolute}}"