Make file metadata and properties separate concepts

Such as note_created_date? I agree that that’s a potential solution, and looking at the bigger picture I wonder whether this is a technical problem or a practical one. For instance, in the use cases I mentioned above, there’s no reason why the ambiguity couldn’t be resolved by simply using different vaults for each use case. Similarly, as you point out, if a vault serves multiple use cases, more specific property names may be called for. This would all be a matter of practice, rather than something that calls for a technical solution within Obsidian.

That said, I do wonder to what extent it can become a practical problem for some down the line if they decide to move vaults between file systems or use another application (mentioned here). Unless they’ve taken the initiative to keep track of note metadata in a rigorous way, whether within the note itself (perhaps as properties that automatically update using a plugin like Templater; e.g., <% tp.file.creation_date %> within a note_created_date property) or some other way, they risk losing that information.

Whether that’s a practical problem that perhaps calls for a technical in-app solution isn’t clear to me. I have heard others comment that when journaling, for example, they now ensure they put in a date stamp somewhere to obviate the above-mentioned risk. But it seems that a user would have to know about that in the first place to act to mitigate it.

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