Make an option for obsidian to be hidden but still typable

Use case or problem

Let’s say I’m watching a video and want to type notes, but I don’t care about the way I type them; I just want to produce the content for later. Focusing the video on the entire screen whilst being able to type at the same time will help with that.

Proposed solution

Making the window view for obsidian completely hidden and somehow allowing for text to be typed in that window will prove useful for people taking notes on things focusing on the content without needing to worry about structure/grammar


I feel like totally hidden window would be hard for ui ux perspective since user doesnt know which app has focus. Perhaps new window with no ui controls thats always on top. Perhaps also, with transparent background option.

Just giving some flavour on the idea

Absoulutely great idea! Integration with other program ihas been Obsidian’s weakness compared to large companies’ note program.

Maybe create a tiny bar of window, automatically hides most UI(go transparent), and make it always stays on top.

Current work-arounds I can think of:

  1. use two monitors (cost space & money)
  2. split the screen(reduces video size)
  3. shrink Obsidian’s window real small (can’t stay on top when you go control the other program.)

Hi, u can use power toys to set an application’s main window to top-most on Windows. I bet other OSes also have an equivalent to this.

U can use the hide-sidebar-plugin to automatically hide the UI while shrinking the view. It also brings them back when u resize the view (larger). Another plugin to hide the UI completely is: Obidian focus mode.

The only thing missing is the transparency, but u can make Obsidian translucent. Although I myself have never used that feature.

The powertoys is really cool stuff, its UI is so beautiful and well integrated! Been playing aroud with it for a few days now.