Make a field in dataview table clickable

Things I have tried

I searched through the dataview example vault but was not able to find anything that was relevant to what I am attempting to do.

What I’m trying to do

I have a bunch of notes that are datasheets on various components. Each one has a series of metadata about the component as well as an image. I would like to creaet an index sheet using dataview that each of these components displayed as an image with some of the data displayed beneath it. That part is already done.

Now, I want to make each image clickable so that by cclicking on it, it will take me to that specific datasheet. I think that is the “link” but I am not sure how to attach it to the image in the table. BTW, these images are local to the vault (not an html link) if that makes a difference.


I am not a 100% sure but I have been trying something similar recently. As far as I know it isn’t possible at the moment to define images as links with standard dataview. If I remember correctly, something like this seems to be on the todo list (check the github discussions).

dataviewjs should probably be able to do the job - but I haven’t any knowledge of javascript. Maybe more experienced people could give some advice…

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