Macro recorder like learning strategy

In order to learn, I feel like some sort of macro recorder could be helpful for quickly accomplishing repetitive tasks and to understand the underlying aspects that we can control.

We could also begin building increasingly complex tasks from simple ones. I would appreciate any suggestions of where I could go to start learning about this sort of thing. Thanks.

Are you thinking about this in terms of learning Obsidian, or is it a more broad, #knowledge-management sorta curiousity?

If the former, what operating system are you using?

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Windows 10. Thank you very much. I am using Obsidian to help me organize thousands of notes and inspirations and even images and sketches into a preproduction workbook for an animated 3d short film I am just getting rolling on.

But in finding Obsidian, I feel like this is something I would like to dive deep into and really understand the nuts and bolts. I am not necessarily talking about just within Obsidian either. I am happy to and very interested in supplementing this with other tools that can work in coordination.

It is clear to me that this forum is a great resource, but I often do better when I get a hold of some of the underlying theory so I don’t constantly feel uninformed. I am willing to put the time in, as this seems like it is very worthwhile and rewarding from what I have seen so far. I really appreciate the response.


Thinking about how to automate a task is certainly valuable. If you were on macOS, I would point you to the automations made for the apps on that platform (see Using (and automating) Obsidian on macOS - Meta Post). I’ve heard Auto HotKey is a useful app for this on Windows, but I haven’t used it.

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On Windows, one excellent automation tool I can recommend is ActiveWords. I used it quite a bit when I was still on that platform. Check it out at

Full disclosure, the founder of ActiveWords, Buzz Bruggeman is a long time friend

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