MacOS Obsidian 1.0.3 hangs but not iOS 1.4.1

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I’m new to obsidian (trying to find a way to ditch Evernote). in Obsidian 1.0.3, in Mac (current version), for a vault I created in Obsidian 1.4.1 for iOS (current iOS version), the MacOS version hangs every time–always on indexing.

The iOS version continues to work flawlessly.

I have CORE and COMMUNITY plugins enabled on both the iOS and the MacOS versions.

I’ve ensured that Obsidian is not running in iOS before I open the Mac version, to avoid file locking conflicts.

I need some troubleshooting ideas.

I’ve turned off the graphics accelerator in the core plug-in tab in MacOS (saw that in another answers here)

I’ve reinstalled Obsidian on the MacOS, and the program runs fine in Core Plugins, but I don’t see a way to remove community plug-ins before the system locks up once I turn on Community Plug-ins.

In Finder you can move plugins out of .obsidian/plugins before starting Obsidian to effectively disable them (you’ll need to enable viewing hidden folders, which I think is Shift Cmd period). You could move them all out and then move them back in 1 by 1 until the app breaks again. You’ll need to restart the app after adding each one; I think you can use the “Reload app without saving” command in the Command Palette.

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Possibly relevant:


Yeah, seems to be time based rather than obsidian functions based. So many CPU cycles after open and wham, it locks. Usually not enough time to get the menus open to shut-off community plug-ins.

Dunno. Still working it.

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A sensible idea. I didn’t know where they were stored. Tnx.

Just a troubleshooting note: I don’t have workspace json installed.

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Your Knowing how to get the plug-ins out of the folder was key to fixing this. Tnx! I put the plug-ins back one by-one,closing & restarting between. I haven’t found the culprit yet, but I am only adding back what I am using now. I’ll know to be more judicious going forward.

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