Mac window disappears, with no way to recover it

can you resize that? after you resize that, does it work?

Yes, you can resize the initial window. If you do, then double clicking afterwards will alternate between maximized window and the resized window. So once you resize the original window you should not be able to trigger this issue.

I don’t have access to 0.8.15, but I see in the release notes
“MacOS can now double click the frameless window header to zoom or un-zoom.”
Which I assume means that this issue is no longer “solved” by the frameless window.

Presumably the fix would be to assign a (reasonable) size to the initial window on first launch. Then double clicking the title bar should maximize and un-maximize the window.

Launching with a window that fills the full screen on first launch doesn’t make too much sense anyway, because the user (most likely) has no data at this point, so no need for a giant window.

I have been able to reproduce the issue. It stems from the combination of our app opening in the full size of the screen area, and Electron unable to distinguish between full size vs maximized, causing the app to un-maximize when double clicking, which resizes the app to an impossible dimension.

A fix will be included in the next insider release.


Hi, new to Obsidian in all ways, this is good to know though because I have this exact problem except I got there by option-clicking the green Maximize button on the Obsidian frame. (regular click = go into Full Screen Mode; option-click = Maximize Window)

The way I figured out what was going on was by using the Mac’s Mission Control → Application Windows (only) view, which shows you all open windows just for the currently focused app. I had a second window open with Obsidian’s own help, did that, and spotted this little ditty:
Obsidian 0.8.15 window issue

Going into Full Screen allowed me to at least make that folder/window usable again, but yeah it was very much not expected behavior, and because Obsidian launched for the first time in Maximized mode, I immediately went to adjust that.

I’m only adding this extensive comment on an existing bug because the frameless window header behavior that is being discussed above won’t solve this problem as the problem is the lack of minimum window width & height sizing. The opt-click Maximize button will still trigger this bug regardless of frameless chrome.

we are aware frameless was not a fix. We fixed the issue in 0.9.0


Awesome, thanks for the update! Looking forward to 0.9* :slight_smile:

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