Mac Shortcuts Integration

Hey there, I was think that having shortcuts integration would be great. I like the idea of being able to:

  • Open a specific vault from my menu-bar or with a shortcut at any time.

  • Be able to switch vaults with a shortcut.

  • Be able to enter a specified vault with a new note already created, and be able to specify a template.

  • Be able to change predetermined filters on the graph view, or even add a new group to the graph view with some copied text automatically put in.

  • Be able to alter the fabric of time and space!!!

    These along with a lot of others would be amazing to have in the mac version of the app. I can see some reasons why you might not do this, so I won’t be mad if this gets completely ignored, but it’d be cool!
    If it can be put in easily, then it would make a lot of things possible that you wouldn’t have to code directly.
    At the very least a shortcut to switch vaults would be amazing.
    One last note, it’d be really nice if the vault selection screen would adapt the the style of the current vault.

Thank you so much for the amazing app!!!

Tho Obsidian doesn’t directly support Shortcuts (yet?), it has a URI scheme that you can use in Shortcuts to achieve the first 2 items in your list and at least part of the third.

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I worry about altering both time and space. Maybe choose one or the other?

That said, I would like some macOS Shortcuts for Obsidian. I’ve been putting off learning macOS Shortcuts because I heard it was so buggy at first. Now I’m hearing that Shortcuts is much improved on the Mac. I guess it’s time to learn.