M1 Mac uses mobile settings

Steps to reproduce

  • Buy M1 Mac.
  • Install Obsidian from website or brew (tried both).
  • Open vault that has desktop settings.
  • Be horrified that your new laptop runs Obsidian with mobile settings instead of desktop.

Expected result

Obsidian should be loading its preferences from .obsidian.desktop

Actual result

Obsidian is loading preferences from .obsidian

Intel iMac works as expected.


  • Operating system: macOS 12.2.1

Additional information

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Which version of Obsidian?

Which installer version?

Sure you haven’t installed iOS Obsidian on your lovely M1?


That was my fear but good news is that this is user-error (fastest to fix usually). I haven’t installed Obsidian on a new computer in a while and forgot about the crucial setting About > Override config folder that isn’t set by default.

Changing that to .obsidian.desktop “fixed” the issue.

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