LYT v2 Questions

Thank you @nickmilo for all your contributions. I think I have three different version of LYT downloaded and get little gems from all of them.

I like your simplified home page and less use of numbers, and not having numbers in the file names.

  1. I am confused though, how the files from the Home page do not have a directory name, yet are located in a folder Umami? When I do it in your LYT it works to not show the path, but when i do it on my own it puts in the path, say [[Umani/file name]]

  2. For Nick and others, how do you like the Umami folder? It seems like a working space where things can go without worrying about folders and organizations. i am going to give it a try!


Found it in settings… set link to “Shortest Path”, I like that!!

Also, Do you put a MOC in a Spaces folder at the top?

Like putting a “-Habits MOC” in the Habits Spaces folder? (although that name does not look as nice, it sorts to the top. Trade offs.