LYT not opening on my MAC

I am not a tech geek, so I may need some hand holding here. I downloaded the LYT kit, and have the latest software Big Sur on my Macbook. The zipfile opens, but then it just creates a folder with a bunch of .md files, none of which I can even open. How do I implement the LYT? Thanks! @nickmilo

Did you open obsidian and point it at the LYT folder?

To add to @austin’s comment, Obsidian works by instantiating folders on your computer as “vaults”. When you install and run Obsidian, you have to create a vault by pointing it at a folder of markdown files—such as the LYT kit you’ve found. Then, you access those files by opening Obsidian.

Note that specific questions about LYT should be directed to @nickmilo, perhaps via the existing threads on the forum. (E.g., LYT Kit (now downloadable!). LYT is not an official Obsidian thing, but one of several “getting started” kits that folks here have contributed to the community.

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I don’t know how to do this. How do I ‘point it at the LYT folder?’

Sorry we were so oblique :slight_smile:

A “vault” can be any folder your computer where you have pointed Obsidian.

“A new or existing Vault can be opened from the button just above the Settings gear.”

It will ask you to find the folder where you want the vault to live. Browse to where you stored the LYT folder and open.

You should see all of the LYT folders and files in the left sidebar.

OMG THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to figure that out for waaaay too long :sweat_smile: