LYT Kit (now downloadable!)

I’ve been avoiding tags because I couldn’t really see how I could use them after adding them to notes, thinking that if I had a large enough number of notes with a specific tag searching for it wouldn’t really help. But using that kind of approach through Boolean search, I can definitely see how they can be of better use.

Regarding transclusions seeing how @Klaas uses it made me realize I wasn’t really using its true potential. I don’t think I would use it exactly as he does, but just knowing about it makes me think about how can I use them differently. (And for that thanks @Klaas :slight_smile: )

I must confess I still wasn’t thinking outside of the box, and was limiting myself to think about the ones I saw you mention. Your sentence makes me want to “make” my own.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve learned a bit more again.

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Hi @nickmilo the link to download your V3 kit doesn’t seem to be working! Hope you can update it (or put it on the discord channel) cos I’m really excited to take a look :slight_smile: thanks!

It is pinned to the # knowledge-management channel on Discord


It’s working now, Github was with some issues at the time you checked.


WOW, this is really awesome. I’m starting to write notes using zk and reading your framework gave me a bunch of ideas!
How long did it take to you write all your notes? I really like to make notes and keep them, but the amount of time it takes to write, summarize and think is huge, so I usually just give up.


This is impressive indeed. There is one that’s even more impressive about zettelkasten, compiled by @lizardmenfromspace, it’s mind-blowing.

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That’s great you’re interested in linking your thinking. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m not sure where you’re at in terms of your experience with note-taking, but I’d recommend to just start writing and making new notes as needed.

Then you’ll start seeing ways of connecting those notes. But you just need to make a bunch of notes first for the magic to really take effect.

The best mindset I’d suggest adopting is to just “trust the process.”

There comes a point when the pain of not taking durable notes outweighs the extra time it takes to make them.

Then, there comes a point where the pleasure of taking durable notes becomes a joyful positive feedback loop.

Think if you just created 1 or 2 durable notes per day for a year. Well, you’d have around 500 quality notes in your back pocket. Not too shabby :slight_smile:


@nickmilo This is amazing. How do you recommend incorporating your system with an existing vault? Also, do you use mobile to sync? Currently, I’m using 1Writer, which as you probably know, only supports backlinks with a flat folder structure. Any recommendations for mobile and IMF?

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@renerodriguez I recommend doing less with the Index at the start. Instead, spend more attention towards gathering a few related notes together, and just call them "related notes" MOC. You’ll probably find just that process alone opens up some beneficial ways of thinking.

I use 1Writer as well. I wish it did more, but it’s the best we’ve got currently. I don’t overly use mobile—usually just reviewing things before bed—so I just work with the limitations.

Hope this is helpful. I’ll be available here and on discord if you want to continue the convo

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@renerodriguez @nickmilo A new preference in Obsidian allows you to set filepaths when you create new links, such that 1Writer is able to use links between folders too. I think it was introduced in 0.8.0.

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Thank you so much for sharing you’re knowledge @nickmilo. Since I start using this method everything it’s more simple about note taking, but I have some question about it.

If i well undestand, you use daily note for taking track about what you read/watch/thing/etc in a day. Along time you evolve the concepts and create a folder that containt other similar note for working on it (incubation folder) and ,finaly, you make a evergreen note. Why not create directly a note about one concept without insert it in a daily note considering that maybe you’ll modify or delete it for doing a permanent note? At this purpouse, when you create a permanent note then you’ll delete the original note or you keep it? I trouble about that because when i take note from somewhere, a podcast for example, I want to keep the podcast note intact without adding thoughts from other sources but surely for do a evergreen note I need to extrapolate that concept and mix with other knowledge. I have some difficult to solve this problem at the moment.
Thank you so much for the patient and sorry if I make some error in the writing.

I use a very similar workflow so I can perhaps add my input to this. The one reason I write everything first in my daily note (about a movie, video, podcast, article, book, etc.) is because,

  1. It’s more of a personal opinion since it’s in my daily journal as opposed to an idea.
  2. Writing it in the daily note first allows one to be quick with a lot of these one line notes or sometimes even just a few keywords which we can come back to later to process and create into more meaningful notes. And since they’d be linked from here, the new processed note has a link to the date when I had the original thought along with the source of inspiration.

Regarding your point 1: perhaps an idea is not an opinion (though it could enclose one), it is just as personal as an idea. :wink:

Sure. What I’m trying to say is that an idea can be personal at its point of origin but it’s more universal than my opinion about something. Allow me to offer an example,

That film/book expresses the idea that _Less is more_ in a way I've never seen before. It's quite clever!

That’s close to something that might go in my daily notes as my opinion both about the film/book and/or about the idea itself. Exploration of the idea Less is more further would be different. Even if it still is a personal expression of the idea, there’s always an attempt to remove any subjectivity as far as possible. Another way to look at this is– would we consider an author talking about Less is more his personal opinion or his idea? My guess would be the latter almost always whereas a movie/book reviewer will almost always offer more of an opinion than an idea.

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Got it.


Oh, nice! Thanks, @ryanjamurphy. I wasn’t aware of that. It certainly changes the game up for me.

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@Klaas, I’m curious what it is about this method that you find more impressive than IMF?

I don’t understand your question. Please explain:

  1. what you mean by “this method”;
  2. what gives you the impression I find “this method” more impressive than IMF.

I may have misunderstood your comment, but I was referring to:

Just to make myself clear:

Nick’s IMF kit is impressive indeed, and a lot of people seem to find it useful, so I have no quarrels with nor criticisms about it.

lizardmenfromspace seems to have embarked on a megaproject to explain how to set up a zettelkasten and all the intricacies that (can) go with it. It is also an impressive project.

When I wrote " There is one that’s even more impressive" I meant it in a jocular way, not as a judgment of either of the 2 projects. I certainly did not mean to offend anybody, if I have, I apologise.