Low fps while scrolling notes

I have Obsidian installed both on my Windows 11 PC and Android smartphone, and both there I have rather long notes, and a lot of different plugins installed.

I also use my PC with 165hz Monitor, and pretty good setup and videocard, all the games, system, browsers, etc are running really smoothly, but only in Obsidian app, while scrolling my long notes, I have very unpleasant experience, like they are scrolling not even in 60 fps, but like in 30. On Android notes of the same size and with the same amount of installed plugins, notes are scrolling pretty good and smooth.

On PC I tried to uninstall all the plugins, but issue still persists. I also tried to disable G-SYNC feature of my display for Obsidian precisely, and also some other Nvidia Control Panel settings, like changing V-Sync settings, unlocking FPS, but without any results.

Am I only one having such problem, or is it normal behavior for Obsidian?

  1. Enable Settings->About->Hardware acceleration.
  2. Try to disable plugins.
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It was enabled! But I disabled it, and everything started working as it should! Thank you very much for your advise!

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