Lost mobile phone > Obsidian files vulnerable without applock or 2FA

Hello everyone,

In the horrid event of losing your mobile phone, what security measures do you have in place to try and mitigate Obsidian data/identity theft?

Many sensitive apps like Proton or Outlook have app locks—so there’s at least some barrier of defence (i.e. needing a PIN or biometric input) to open the app. Also, apps like Twitter let you remotely “kill” an active session which automatically logs you out of the mobile app.

But given Obsidian mobile has neither 2FA or an app lock, is anyone else concerned about their data falling into the wrong hands should their mobile unfortunately get lost or stolen?

Would love to hear ya’ll thoughts. Thanks.

To me that’s a variation related to people having access to my phone in general. If you keep your phone open and accessible, then also Obsidian is accessible. If you got some protection to hinder access to your phone, then Obsidian is also protected.

At the same time I don’t consider anything besides some of the password vaults to be truly secure on my phone, so I wouldn’t put truly sensitive data within the Obsidian vault.

As such for me it’s not a big issue that the data then potentially could be lifted if someone stole or gained illegal access to my phone.

There are apps for this that will passlock any apps you want. iOS has AppLocker for example, but there are many others. I’d imagine Android also has their own

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