Lost everything

Folks, I use a MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014) and yesterday I closed it and opened it today (it had turned off during the night, which was odd). When I opened obsidian, it asked me to open my vault. I did. The first level folders were there, everything else was lost. All notes, themes, everything. My vault is on my mac, it’s not on the cloud or anything. I have no snapshot on file recovery also. I even used pycharm’s local history to see if there was anything with the folder, there was not, no history there.
I really don’t know what happened. It’s really odd, looks like I never used Obsidian, ever.

This is very strange. From the way you describe it looks like a catastrophic hardware problem maybe with your hard drive.

Yea, I was fearing that.
It’s really relly strange.
Apple gave me no report. Is there a way I can see if anything happend with my hard drive?

  1. What is the path to your vault?
  2. “no snapshot on file recovery” - I doubt this is it, but just double checking: Do you know you have to search for files to see snapshots? When you first open the tool, it appears blank, until you click the “choose” button, or search.
  3. What plugins do you have installed? Can you share your debug info?
  4. You mentioned PyCharm. So I guess you were using PyCharm on your notes too. What other apps, tools or workflows were you using on this file structure? Do you have any automation, backups, or things working on these files? I’d investigate that first, before assuming HD failure.
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Hey there!
About 1: It’s straight on my home directory, /Users/samuelkultz/Vault
2. I didn’t know that, but it showed me in the right a message saying there were no snapshots or something like that.
3. I was using Citations to connect with Zotero, my BetterBibTeX file was at the vault folder.
How do I share debug info?
4. I used PyCharm because of it’s folder history tool, I was thinking that it might show me if and when anything was deleted in there, sadly it didn’t. I also had no backups, automation or anything in there. The only thing that was actively working with that folder was BetterBibTeX from Zotero. Also I don’t know how to share debug info.

Folks, I’m sorry I took your time, just found out what happened.
For some reason the Vault folder It showed me on my home page was one that I had created a long time ago. The one I was actively using was elsewhere.
I’m very thankfull for the support. Thank you very much.

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Glad to hear!

Just to answer for future reference though, there is an Obsidian command Show debug info. Command Palette (Ctrl-P) → Show debug info

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