Loss of links between notes if I stop using Obsidian

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I would like to use Obsidian without folders and with MOC’s but I don’t like the idea that if in the future I switch apps or Obsidian no longer exists I lose links and I would have a lot of data in the vault folder not sorted and not logically linked together. Have any of you thought about this and found a solution?

All depends on how you link.

I don’t think there’s yet any consensus about heading or block links, so they will be vulnerable.

Wikilinks are understood by many apps now and the number is increasing. And many of those apps aren’t markdown.

Standard markdown links will be understood by standard markdown editors.

So the more precise you make your links, the more vulnerable they would be if Obsidian stopped working.

While it’s good to be prudent, the risk of falling off of Mt. Everest is probably greater than the risk that Obsidian will stop working on your computer tomorrow. You’ll have time to migrate.

As @Dor said – wiki links are common in many apps. For example, if you index an Obsidian vault in a DEVONthink database, the inter-note wiki links will still work. (Don’t trust me when I say that – test and verify for yourself.)

In addition, even in an app that doesn’t understand wiki-style links, you can copy the note name from the link and search for the corresponding filename. That’s not as nice as clicking a link, but the connection is still usable.

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Ok, thanks guys for the answers. Perhaps it is better to divide the notes by macro categories in folders anyway. That way I would still have some order even if I lose my connections in the future

I’m using folders, in part for that reason.

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